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The Swedish Motorcyclists Association

SMC was formed in 1963 by a small group of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Sweden, whose main aim was to inform members about rallies and parties. Today SMC has around 70 000 members out of a total of 270 000 motorcycle owners in Sweden! More than 400 motorcycle clubs are members of SMC.

SMC is a non-profit making organization led by a board of nine persons. SMC has regional boards and organizations in all 21 counties of Sweden. We have direct democracy in SMC. Each member has a vote at the annual meeting. That's why communication between the members and board is good in our organization. SMC has a secretariat in Borlänge, Dalarna, with 11 full-time employees handling the day-to-day business. 3 persons work on the membership magazine, MC-Folket, which is the biggest motorcycle magazine in Sweden.

SMC has gained national consultation status in matters of road safety and all other topics concerning motorcycles. We co-operate with many organizations, insurance companies and public authorities. Over the years, SMC has won a lot of victories in struggling for riders rights in Sweden.

Publications in English
In 2014 SMC published the second version ot the Motorcycle Vision. It is the road safety policy document of SMC with our views of how the safety can be improved for motorcyclists in Sweden.
The Motorcycle Vision 2.0 Print version.
The Motorcycle Vision 2.0 Web version. 

In 2015 SMC presented a literature study with a test house and the barrier producers in Sweden, A definition of a safe barrier for motorcyclists. 

The first edition of Motorcycle Vision Zero 1.0 was introduced in 2008. Download the document here.  

In 2013, SMC published the study Extreme behaviour is mainly about illegal riding. 

In January 2011 SMC launced a study about motorcyclists attitude towards road safety. It is the result of a questionnaire to SMC-members.
Document in print version and web version.

In January 2011 SMC launched a study about motorcyclists view on advanced training. It is the result of a web questionnaire with 1735 respondents.
Document in print version and  Web version

In January 2012 SMC launced a new intelligent alarm system for motorcyclists, CQrifyMC. Read the press release in English here. Link to the CQrify movie on Youtube.

In March 2012 SMC launced the Medical Card, where you write down your medical status and put it in your helmet. Press release in English here.

In April 2012, the minister of Infrastructure announced that motorcycle protection systems will be installed on crash barriers in Sweden. Press release in English here.

In September 2012, the seven MC organisations in the Nordic Countries presented a Nordic Common position on road safety. Document in English here.

In September 2012, Version 2.0 of the joint strategy for increased motorcycle and moped safety was launched. SMC was an active stakeholder in the strategic work. Download the English version here.

In February 2014 a joint strategy for increased safety for quads. SMC was not involved in the work. Download the English version here. 

In March 2016 SMC presented the second version of the huge share of non-license holders among the fatal and seriously injured motorcycle accidents in English.

In January 2014 SMC presented the huge share of non-license holders among the fatal motorcycle accidents in Sweden at the Transport Forum. Download English version here.  

International work
Internationally, SMC is a member of the Federation of Europan Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) and Federation Internationale de L’Automobile FIA.  SMC represents Sweden in the motorcycle tourism commission and the commission for mobility, transport, road safety and public transport in the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). SMC is one of seven member organisations in NMR, Nordic Motorcycle Council.

Membership benefits
A SMC membership includes a lot of benefits: our magazine MC-Folket 8 times per year; the SMC-Book with information about rallies and clubs in Sweden, advice for travelling, assistance if your motorcycle breaks down, maps to club houses e t c; discounts on ferries, petrol, restaurants; international driving licence; international camping card; the SMC app and lots of other things. Membership with SMC costs SEK 375 per year (2014).

Become a member
If you want to apply for membership you can do it here on the web-site. Or contact our office where you will get a membership application: SMC, Forskargatan 3, 781 70 Borlänge. Tfn 0243-669 70, Fax 0243-822 87,e-mail.  Pay SEK 375 to our postal giro account 64 68 06-0 at the same time as you send the membership application on Internet or via mail.

As a foreigner you can buy the SMC-Book from SMC. You buy an international moneyorder or Swedish banknotes to enclose your order. The price for the SMC-Book 2010 is SEK 60 including postage. Do not pay with EU-eurocheque. All information is in Swedish in the book. If you want to buy the SMC map the price is SEK 40. Map + SMC-calendar = SEK 100.

Our ultimate goal is to serve and help our members in all possible ways. Our vision is to become the world leading non-profit MC-organization. Our mission is to achieve a safe road environment without worries for motorcyclists.